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Fall Guys players report rampant accidental microtransaction purchases

Players say they can’t get refunds through Mediatonic’s player support

A bean wearing a dragon costume jumps near rings in a screenshot from Fall Guys Image: Mediatonic/Epic Games
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Some Fall Guys players say they’re getting hit with numerous unintended purchases while browsing the free-to-play battle royale game’s shop, and that Mediatonic won’t refund those purchases.

Reddit user hold_my_cocoa has created a massive thread on the Fall Guys subreddit, collecting a list of players who’ve lost Show Bucks (the in-game premium currency) or had accidental purchases in the game’s cosmetic store.

According to player accounts, Fall Guys players have run into issues where, while previewing a cosmetic item, the game will automatically purchase it. Ordinarily this would just be a minor convenience, but Mediatonic apparently has a no-refunds policy, and players who say they’ve contacted customer support for refunds have been rebuffed.

The Reddit post contains a long list of players who’ve alleged issues with Fall Guys’ in-game shop, and the thread goes on to offer a wide variety of warnings. Allegedly, there are situations where the game skips over the “confirm purchase” prompt, including returning to the game after alt-tabbing out. Some players have even reported that their Show Bucks have disappeared after playing the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The thread has links to other Reddit posts where players expand on these complaints, many of which offer video evidence.

Polygon has reached out to Mediatonic regarding the issues and to confirm that the player support responses are genuine, and will update this post when the company responds.

Update: A Mediatonic spokesperson responded to our request with the following statement: “What is happening in the game is not intended and we are actively fixing it. The customer service response was also not acceptable and we will offer a make good for all affected.”

The Fall Guys Twitter account also tweeted out an apology.

The team is working to fix the store to prevent these issues from happening, and will be offering refunds for those affected (dated back to June 21) until the store issues are resolved. Fans will also get a new costume as an apology.

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