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Watch Dogs 2, Inside, and As Dusk Falls coming to Xbox Game Pass in July

A handful of existing titles will also get touch-control support

Watch Dogs 2 art Image: Ubisoft
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July is going to be a big month for Xbox Game Pass, with six new games coming to the catalog, touch-control updates coming to 12 games, and five existing games leaving the service.

As Dusk Falls, an interactive crime drama that spans multiple decades, will come to Xbox Game Pass on its release date, July 19. Players can dive into both chapters of the game’s story, which starts in Arizona in 1998 with a “robbery-gone-wrong.” As Dusk Falls will be available on console, PC, and via the cloud.

Watch Dogs 2, the best game in Ubisoft’s modern, open-world hacking series, also comes to Game Pass on July 19. You play as Marcus Holloway, a talented hacker in San Francisco, who gets tangled up with the DeadSec hacker group and goes to war against big tech. Watch Dogs 2 will be available on console, PC, and via the cloud.

Inside, Playdead’s follow-up to Limbo, lets players control a small child lost in a large and dangerous world. You’ll explore a creepy, industrial environment in an attempt to unravel what’s happening in the world around you. Inside will be available on July 29 on console, PC, and via the cloud.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a sci-fi 4X game with real-time strategy elements from 2012, developed by Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment. You can control massive fleets as you attempt to surpass other civilizations in this stand-alone expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will be available on July 19, only playable on PC and via the cloud.

MotoGP 22, which came out in April, is a motorcycle racing game with over 120 drivers to control and tracks to race on. MotoGP 22 will be available on July 21 on console, PC, and via the cloud.

Torment: Tides of Numenera is an isometric RPG from 2016 and a thematic successor to Planescape: Torment. Set one billion years in the future, you’ll need to make crucial decisions that will change the world around you. Torment: Tides of Numenera will be available on July 21 on console and via the cloud.

In addition to these new games, Xbox will add touch controls (for Xbox Cloud Gaming) to 12 titles. Players can jump into these games without a controller via a browser, the Xbox Game Pass app on Android, or the Xbox app on PC:

  • As Dusk Falls
  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Disc Room
  • Escape Academy
  • Garden Story
  • Little Witch in the Woods
  • Lost in Random
  • Spacelines from the Far Out
  • Umurangi Generation
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2

Finally, five games existing Game Pass games will leave the service on July 31:

  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll
  • Lumines Remastered
  • Omno
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic

Update: The original announcement for Xbox Game Pass’ July games included conflicting information in the form of an image for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion alongside text for Ashes of Singularity. The game actually coming to Game Pass this month is Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, which Microsoft has now clarified on its website. We’ve amended our original article to reflect that.

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