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Wildflower Interactive founded by Uncharted, Last of Us co-director

Introducing a dev to look out for

Wildflower is a promising new studio helmed by Bruce Straley, a veteran designer who co-directed the Naughty Dog hits Uncharted 2, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us. Straley joined Naughty Dog in 1999 and left in 2017. Wildflower’s new website shares more about the team of developers, the studio’s priorities, and what players might be able to expect.

The website’s copy reads, in part:

We’re making ‘small-ish,’ creatively-charged, uniquely-stylized games that explore the possibilities of our medium. And we’re building a small, open-hearted team of creators that want to improve their skills and still lead a good life outside of work. People that want to hone their craft, have a say in the process, feel respected for their contributions, and be a part of the evolution of this awesome medium.

In an announcement video, Straley says, “We’re making something that I’ve never played before,” adding that “the culture needs to be as iterative as the way we make games.” Straley also shares that Wildflower has “an exciting partner that supports what we’re doing and is going to help us reach the broadest audience possible,” which suggests a potential partnership with a larger publisher like Microsoft. He also shares that he is working with an “amazing team” of people who have previously worked on big-budget Call of Duty titles, as well as experience in smaller titles like Abzu and The Pathless.

The studio is currently hiring, and their first game is “underway,” but there are no concrete details yet about the title or a launch date.

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