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Detroit: Become Human’s manga spinoff might do better by the game’s great premise

Android idol Reina has a chance to tell an engaging story where the game went wrong

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Detroit: Become Human is a game with an intriguing premise — what does a world where robots are on the cusp of their own social justice movement look like? The game bungles the execution, with the same kind of political inconsistency and poorly applied self-indulgence director and writer David Cage has brought to other games at Quantic Dream. But fans will soon be able to explore the world of that game in an all-new medium.

Detroit: Become Human is getting a spinoff manga titled Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories. The manga is written by Saruwatari Kazami and drawn by Moto Sumida, according to gaming outlet Dengeki Online. Quantic Dream will be supervising the writing process.

In Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, we’ll get to see how androids live and work in Japan. The populace is far more accepting of androids at first, with one even serving as a pop idol. That idol, Reina, is the manga’s main character, and her story starts off sunny. However, much as with the situation in the original Detroit: Become Human game, the populace grows increasingly agitated when androids start replacing them in the workplace, and the conflict boils over into revolution.

The manga is expected to release on July 22 in Japan on the Comic Bridge platform. Detroit: Become Human sold very well in Japan on launch, so taking the setting to a new place is an interesting way to revisit the same concept. No plans have been announced yet for an English-language version.

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