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Playing as Lady D in Resident Evil Village’s new DLC looks fabulous

The Mercenaries mode adds Chris Redfield, Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu this fall

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

New content for Resident Evil Village coming this October will let players experience a new story as Rose Winters, and play through the game’s The Mercenaries mode as three additional characters: Chris Redfield, Heisenberg, and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. As seen in Capcom’s new gameplay trailer for Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries, playing as anyone other than Ethan Winters looks like a blast — but the most enjoyable half-second of that trailer, for me, is Lady D’s ability to angrily hurl ornate, gilded furniture at zombies and werewolves.

While punching out five monsters with a single blow as Chris Redfield and channeling my inner Magneto as hammer-wielder Heisenberg also looks like a blast, it’s using a vintage vanity fit for a nine-foot woman as a projectile that makes me want to return to The Mercenaries.

Here’s that particular moment, a call back to a memorable scene from Resident Evil Village’s main story, on loop:

On the PlayStation Blog, Resident Evil Village producer Tsuyoshi Kanda outlines what else Lady D can do (and offers some insight into what the mysterious Lady’s Lipstick item from the main game was used for).

“Standing more than nine feet tall, Lady Dimitrescu slices through enemies with her talons,” Kanda explained. “Her unique Thrill Gauge increases by attacking enemies or by using the ‘Lady’s Lipstick’ item. As the Thrill Gauge increases, Lady Dimitrescu’s movement speed and nail damage increase, and new moves are unlocked as well. When the gauge is maxed out, her damage will also be at its peak.”

Lady D can also summon one of her daughters when the Thrill Gauge is maxed to fight enemies on her behalf.

The Mercenaries’ other new playable characters likely play how you’d expect. Chris Redfield relies mostly on powerful firearms and his boulder-shattering right hook, but he’ll also have access to his Target Locator from Village, letting him call in an airstrike on a group of bad guys. Heisenberg can smash foes with his hefty hammer or sling sawblades at them, and if things get particularly hairy, he can summon a Soldat Jet for a suicide-bombing run.

Resident Evil Village’s The Mercenaries update will arrive Oct. 28, alongside the Shadows of Rose story DLC and a new third-person mode for the original game.