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All my favorite movie gags are now BeReal memes

‘It’s time to BeReal’

Sebastian from “She’s the Man” with a tampon in her nose, over an image of the other soccer players reacting. The movie stills are edited to look like a BeReal app image. Image: Nicole Clark/Polygon
Nicole Clark (she/her) is a culture editor at Polygon, and a critic covering internet culture, video games, books, and TV, with work in the NY Times, Vice, and Catapult.

BeReal was created in 2020, but it took off in 2022. It’s a little different from other social media: Once a day, at a different time, the app prompts users to share a snapshot of their life in the form of two photos: one from the front phone camera, and the other from the back. There’s a two-minute countdown as soon as you start snapping photos, in order to prevent photo editing or preparation. The final images are shared in your friends’ feeds, creating a daily social touchpoint with your friends.

I appreciate seeing what my friends are up to, but I’m a little too disorganized to make any kind of habit out of doing it myself. The “time to BeReal” alert — with a Duolingo owl style of push notification threat — typically pings during my workday when I’m trying not to be derailed. But I really love the wave of BeReal memes that imagine what movie and TV characters’ BeReal posts might look like.

Each of these takes a famous moment from a film or TV show, sticking the selfie in the upper left corner, with what the person is looking at as the larger image. Here are some of our favorites — starting with the infamous meet cute from Twilight, in which Bella’s blood smells so good Edward Cullen looks like he’s enjoying a little vomit in his mouth.

There are lots of dramatic moments from Midsommar.

Here’s Ratatouille’s “little chef” Remy whose view is the inside of a chef’s hat, complete with stove burners partially viewable through the transparent cloth.

And the iconic “Santa Baby” performance from Mean Girls.

“You think your life is hard?” Try being the star of Tall Girl.

Here, Matilda’s Miss Trunchbull hammer throws Amanda Thripp by the pigtails.

For anyone who wants to relive those last few, torturous moments of Call Me By Your Name.

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