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Apex Legends’ new legend has the cutest little pet

Vantage and Echo come to Respawn’s shooter in August

Apex Legends’ next Legend, the sharpshooter known as Vantage, will arrive on Aug. 9 as part of the game’s Hunted update, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts announced Monday. Respawn gave Apex Legends’ fans an early peek at Vantage in a new animated short in the Stories from the Outlands series called “Survive.”

In the short, Respawn shows how tough things have been for Vantage, having been raised by a wrongfully convicted criminal mother and fighting to survive on the ice planet Págos. But those survival skills — “unfathomable” talent with a scoped weapon and her adorable alien bat friend Echo — will surely help Vantage be competitive in the Apex Games.

EA and Respawn promise more details about Vantage and the Apex Legends: Hunted update will be released ahead of their August arrival on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Vantage’s existence and in-development abilities leaked back in March, when details on nine still-unannounced Legends were revealed. Vantage isn’t the only recently revealed Legend in the Apex franchise to arrive with a friendly flying companion: Rhapsody, “a rhythm loving DJ,” accompanied by Rowdy, a flying robot, was recently added to Apex Legends Mobile.

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