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Marvel’s Avengers goes full beach day episode with new outfits for Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man

Sun’s out, guns out

Key art for Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man swimsuit outfits in Marvel’s Avengers Image: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix

Beach episodes are proud staples of anime like Bleach, Full Metal Panic!, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann — and comics like Scott Pilgrim, X-Men, and All-New Ultimates. Fans of Marvel’s Avengers, the 2020 online action-adventure brawler from Crystal Dynamics, will soon be able to act out their own summer-time fantasies with swimsuit outfits for Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man available for purchase in the game’s marketplace.

Black Widow’s “Sunny Day” outfit is available to purchase now, while Thor’s and Iron Man’s swimsuit skins will be available to purchase in the coming weeks.

The outfits are relatively tame and more or less sartorially inoffensive, though Iron Man’s outfit does raise a few eyebrows. Why is he wearing two shirts over his Arc Reactor, let alone popping his collar like that? You’d think a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist could afford to pay someone else to dress him better.

This isn’t first time Crystal Dynamics has released a swimsuit outfit for Marvel’s Avengers, what with Captain America getting a shirtless outfit last year.

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