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Tower of Fantasy’s character creator is perfect for making Genshin Impact characters

The new free-to-play open world game is out today

a screenshot from the open-world rpg tower of fantasy Image: Hotta Studio/Level Infinite

Didn’t get the character you wanted in Genshin Impact? Well no worries, because now you can recreate a version of that character in an entirely different game. (Amazing!) Now that it is launching worldwide, fans are starting to use the character creator in a similar game called Tower of Fantasy, to recreate popular characters from Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy is a new free-to-play open world game that will launch globally August 11, with players in the United States able to play it on Wednesday evening. According to the developers, the game is an “anime-infused sci-fi adventure” set hundreds of the years in the future. The game allows you to customize your main character with various traits like clothes, hair color, and height, among other options. And fans are using this customization feature to make characters from Genshin Impact like Keqing, Bennett, Zhongli, and others. Here’s Kokomi, except with a futuristic outfit.

Someone made a tall version of Bennett and a character who looks like Zhongli. (As well as some Naruto characters like Sasuke and Nagato.)

A fan also recreated Keqing, so she can be busy and stressed in this life too.

A TikTok shows a character that looks like the pole-arm user, Hu Tao from Genshin.

Here is a character that looks like Shikanoin Heizou, who is a new addition to Genshin.

One person recreated one of the protagonists of Genshin Impact, Lumine in the creator.

The trend is a tad ironic because Tower of Fantasy is a potential competitor to Genshin Impact. Like Genshin, Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open world RPG with gacha mechanics. It’s definitely aimed at a similar audience, and the Genshin Impact community’s embrace of it certainly supports that idea.

If the game sounds interesting to you, I have good news: Tower of Fantasy launches Wednesday evening in the U.S. and globally on August 11, and it’s playable on Windows PC and mobile devices, so you can try it out.

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