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Kirby can wear a Kirby car cake hat in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Nintendo gives us a closer look at Kirby’s new Switch game

Kirby, wearing a cake shaped like a car shaped like Kirby as a hat, in Kirby’s Dream Buffet Image: Nintendo
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Kirby’s Dream Buffet is headed to Nintendo Switch next week, sending Kirby into a land of oversized sweets. The stated goal is to compete against other Kirbys to eat multiples of his weight in strawberries, but, folks, the true goal here is unlocking this hat that looks like a cake that looks like Kirby as a car from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Of all the decorative food-themed hats that Kirby’s Dream Buffet will offer players — a swirl of whipped cream, a hamburger with a bun that has Kirby’s face on it — it will be nigh-impossible to top the Car-Mouth Cake, as Nintendo calls it.

Ostensibly, Nintendo’s new gameplay deep dive into Kirby’s Dream Buffet is to explain what this game is, given that HAL Laboratory and Nintendo only recently announced it, and it’s out in one week. That video explains that the Dream Fork made Kirby small, thereby making all food big, so Kirby’s gonna gorge until the clock runs out. Players will be able to compete in races, in a series of minigames, and in a knock-down, drag-out battle royale where giant serving tongs are a real threat.

But Kirby’s Dream Buffet is really about looking at nicely rendered desserts, while Kirby rolls over them, and turning into special food forms.

Look, Kirby can turn into a cupcake:

Kirby looks like a cupcake using the Tornado ability in Kirby’s Dream Buffet Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

Or any of these food items:

A series of food items, including a donut, jelly mold, carrot, and hot pepper, that Kirby can copy in Kirby’s Dream Buffet Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

And roll around on a giant Kirby cake, as Kirby, while wearing a Kirby car cake hat!

Kirby as a giant cake in Kirby’s Dream Buffet Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

Video game graphics will never get better than this!

It should be noted that a Kirby car-shaped dessert is a real thing that they serve at the Kirby Cafe in Japan. (The Kirby burger is also available there.)

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is coming to Nintendo Switch on Aug. 17. Good luck sticking to your keto diet when it does.

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