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Watch Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact stream for Sumeru

It’ll show all the details of the upcoming 3.0 update

An image of an unnamed character in Genshin Impact staring into a glowing orb. They have long white hair and wear ornate green clothes. They look a lot like a fairy because of their small size. Image: Hoyoverse/YouTube
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Summer is almost over but it’s okay because a giant Genshin Impact update is on the horizon. The big 3.0 update will debut a new region called Sumeru and add an elemental type, based on grass, called Dendro. The game will be booked to the brim with new content, so developers are hosting a stream that will go over all the details on Saturday, Aug. 13. Here’s how you can watch it.

Hoyoverse is hosting two different streams: The first airs (Chinese language) on Twitch on Aug. 13 at 2 a.m. EDT/Aug. 12 at 11 p.m. PDT. The second, in English, will stream on YouTube at 8 a.m. EDT/5 a.m. PDT on Aug. 13.

If these streams are like previous Genshin Impact previews, players can expect a lot of detailed information on the game’s next patch. In addition to announcing a formal release date for Sumeru, we will also likely get confirmation of other anticipated details and new characters, like the forest rangers Tighhnari and Collei. Saturday’s stream will also inform players which characters will be featured on the first set of banners for 3.0 and share details on new events.

As with previous streams, the developers confirmed that they will once again share codes for free Primogems — one of Genshin Impact’s currencies — throughout the event. So be sure to check Polygon for the code guide if you miss the stream live.

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