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Three beloved original Destiny Exotics won’t be coming to Destiny 2 any time soon

Ice Breaker, No Land Beyond, and Invective could only come to Destiny 2 after significant changes

Destiny - Guardians fighting Hive on the Moon Image: Bungie/Activision
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

As Destiny fans prepare for the Destiny 2 Showcase on Aug. 23 — which will likely reveal the next year of Destiny content — Bungie is getting smaller reveals out of the way. Namely, that fan-favorite original Destiny Exotics No Land Beyond, Ice Breaker, and Invective won’t be coming to Destiny 2 any time soon.

On Wednesday, the studio revealed all the changes coming to Arc subclasses with Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2’s 18th season. And later in the day, weapons feature lead for Destiny 2, Chris Proctor, went on the Destiny Community Podcast’s Firing Range show to discuss upcoming weapons changes.

The hosts asked Proctor a question about weapons that didn’t pan out as expected. After a moment in thought, Proctor mentioned Dead Man’s Tale, an Exotic scout rifle that was extremely dominant in PvP for some time after its release last year. Another host jokingly compared its power to No Land Beyond, a difficult to use sniper rifle from the original Destiny that effectively had unlimited ammo.

“We’re not bringing No Land Beyond back for good reason,” said Proctor. “The idea that we would do something even in that direction [like Dead Man’s Tale] was ill-advised to start with.”

The hosts then joked that fans in the Twitch chat were sad to hear confirmation that No Land Beyond won’t be coming to Destiny 2 — as it’s one of only a handful of Exotics that haven’t been brought forward. This caused Proctor to elaborate on his answer further.

“So an infinite ammo sniper rifle, I don’t know,” joked Proctor. “Yeah, I think that if we ever end up redesigning the PvP special ammo economy completely, we could probably bring back some of those weapons like No Land Beyond, Ice Breaker, Invective or whatever. But the ammo economy would have to completely change before we could do that in a way that would be balanced.”

No Land Beyond used primary ammo in the original Destiny, meaning players would always spawn into matches with plenty of shots. Ice Breaker and Invective, on the other hand, were special ammo weapons (making them far more limited). However, both had perks that allowed the weapons to regenerate ammo over time, making them fun to use in PvE content and a nightmare in PvP, as enemy Guardians always had ammo that could one-shot other players.

While Proctor is leaving the door open for special weapons changes that could make bringing these weapons back feasible, it seems that they’ll almost certainly remain in Destiny’s past forever.

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