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MoviePass returns with a new model and without the iconic red card

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Rows of seats in a movie theater Photo illustration: James Bareham/Polygon

Remember the golden days of MoviePass, in early 2018, when $9.95 a month got you unlimited movies? And then, remember when right after, MoviePass reported a $40 million dollar loss in May 2018 and tried and failed over and over again to restructure, before finally calling it quits in 2019?

Well, MoviePass is back! Starting on Aug. 25 at 9 am EDT, you can sign up for a waitlist at the MoviePass website for the beta version of the new model. But it’s not the same MoviePass we once knew and loved, which, let’s be real, was always too good to be true. Instead, this time there will be three subscription price tiers — $10, $20, and $30 — each with a different number of “credits” to use each month to see movies. MoviePass has not revealed how many credits each tier gets, nor how many credits are needed to reserve a ticket.

The waitlist will be open for five days. After that, chosen beta users will be notified on Sept. 5 and then will be able to choose from one of the tiers. Additionally, that iconic MoviePass card will be coming back — though this time, it will be black.

MoviePass disrupted the theater industry and since its rise and fall, many theater franchises have created their own subscription models.

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