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Destiny 2 is getting more solo-friendly with a new Looking-For-Group feature

The game is also getting loadouts and news ways to show off your in-game expertise

A Guardian from Destiny 2 jumps in the air firing a grenade launcher Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2 has always been a social game, but finding a Fireteam isn’t always easy unless you have a set group of friends to play with. Thankfully for solo players, Bungie is adding a Looking-For-Group feature to Destiny 2 starting next year, the developer announced during its Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 livestream. The LFG feature is part of several additions that Bungie hopes will make the game more friendly to new players, including a loadout system, and Guardian Ranks that reward players for doing certain activities.

Destiny 2’s LFG system will let players matchmake for specific events and types of content depending on their skill and experience levels. Bungie says that the system is still being built at the moment, but when it’s released it will allow players to look for their groups as well as match up with pre-made teams that need to fill a few spots. The system will also allow players to specify if they are looking for allies who can offer a little direction in harder content, or an experienced raider who is happy to help out a newcomer.

To help make sure that everyone is on their best behavior in their new groups, Bungie is also adding a Commendations feature. Commendations will let players rate their LFG companions based on a few specific traits, including how fun they were to play with, how good of an ally they were, their mastery of the game, and their leadership. Players can also view the Commendations they have received in the new Commendations Profile.

To help players display their ranks and experience a little more effectively, Bungie is also adding a new system called Guardian Ranks. This is a knowledge-based rank that will progress players through 11 levels, each introducing them to Destiny’s core menus and mechanics. The idea behind Guardian Ranks is to give players a way to show off their mastery of the game, as well as to notify the players around them that they’re in the presence of a high-level expert player.

Finally, Destiny 2 is also getting a much-needed quality-of-life upgrade in the form of loadouts. The loadouts will allow players to preset various weapon and mod combinations, then quickly swap between them depending on what they need for each activity.

All of these systems are planned for launch sometime in 2023.