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Oh thank god, Hoyoverse figured out how to create buff characters

Alhaitham... welcome home

an image of Alhaitham from Genshin Impact crouching down. We see him looking intensely directly in front of him. His left arm is really buff. Image: Hoyoverse
Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Genshin Impact isn’t short of pretty character designs. From the flowing garb that’s common in Inazuma to the decorated jackets worn by the Knights of Favonius, the game has largely made a name for itself for being a purveyor of gorgeous characters and stylish outfits. Now, the developers at Hoyoverse have honed their craft even further: They finally figured out how to create buff characters.

Hoyoverse released the new 3.0 patch for the open-world exploration game last week. The update brought a wide array of additions, like a new region to explore and a new main storyline. However, fans have picked up on a special detail — some of the new characters have much thicker arms. Most notably, one of the new upcoming five-star characters, Alhaitham, a scholar from the Akademiya, has beefed up arms.

Fans have zoomed in on Alhaitham’s character model, pointing out the shadows and contours of his delts. They’re also just thicker and bigger, so there’s that. In addition to Alhaitham, there’s also a new NPC enemy in the overworld called the Eremite Daythunder that has beefy arms (and is incredibly ripped) as well. Fans have been thirsting over both characters already.


sumeru is so empty I need more of him

♬ im focused - yasa

The introduction of these beefy boys is hilarious, given that Arataki Itto has the arms of a noodle, comparatively, despite wielding an enormous club and also having ridiculously chiseled abs. And fans are posting direct comparison videos and photos between Itto and Alhaitham, with some fans even overlaying one image over another.

While some fans have lamented Itto’s comparatively slimmer arms — especially as he wields a claymore and a giant club — I can’t help but feel they’re perfectly appropriate for a guy that continues to struggle with a severe bean allergy.