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Shovel Knight’s new spinoff submerges in September — you dig?

Dig your way to glory

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Yacht Club Games released a new trailer Wednesday for Shovel Knight Dig, the Spelunky-like spinoff to 2014’s Shovel Knight, revealing that the game will be released on Sept. 23. The trailer features cameos by YouTube personalities Arin Hanson and Jirard Khalil, as well as new footage of the game in action.

Announced in 2019, Shovel Knight Dig reimagines the side-scrolling hack-and-slash gameplay of the original game, telling a new story in the Shovel Knight universe featuring a nefarious new nemesis in the form of Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew.

In a twist on the original Shovel Knight formula, Shovel Knight Dig is centered around a new mechanic which sees the eponymous protagonist using his shovel blade to dig ever downward into new areas in order to progress. Shovel Knight Dig uses a proprietary generation system which stitches together levels based on pre-existing assets from the original game into new and increasingly more challenging areas.

The game is a collaboration between Yacht Club Games and Nitrome, the developer behind 2018’s Bomb Chicken.

Shovel Knight Dig will be released on iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. The game will also be included as part of a Apple Arcade subscription upon release.

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