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Sonic Frontiers’ overview trailer shows this hedgehog is ready to kick your ass

Find out what’s up with Sonic Frontiers in less than three minutes

Gotta go fast” is the famous mantra espoused by Sonic the Hedgehog — but there is so much more to him than that. Sonic is a fighter, a hacker, an explorer, a lover, and Sonic Frontiers is going to explore every facet of one of our most complex pop cultural icons.

In a new three-minute overview video (longer if you, like me, watch it more than once), Sega details the breadth and depth of action and adventure the Blue Blur will experience in Sonic Frontiers. For those that have been following the game — and those that have not — this is a much-needed breakdown, as its disparate previews have kind of made it unclear how all of it fits together.

There’s all sorts of stuff here: a topsy-turvy world called Cyber Space for visual variety, expansive landscapes on the primary “open-zone” world of the Starfall Islands, where players will find Chaos Emeralds to progress the story and open the map, and a suite of new abilities — many of them surprisingly combat-oriented. Really, Sonic has so many fighting moves in this game, it’s like he’s fed up with everyone posting smack talk about the “Sonic Cycle.” Prove them wrong, buddy.

Sonic Frontiers launches on Nov. 8, 2022.

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