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Wild Rift adds some of League of Legends’ edgiest champions in next patch

Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex are on the way

Wild Rift is getting four more champions from the main League of Legends roster, as well as a host of other fun changes in the upcoming Power Spike patch. On Monday, Riot shared a 3.4 patch preview that highlighted some of the biggest changes that will come to the mobile game on September 15.

First, Gwen is on her way to the game. The Hallowed Seamstress is a doll come to life due to the magic of the Shadow Isles. She uses her giant spectral scissors to snip through the competition in the solo lane. Gwen is an AP skirmisher who dances in and out of combat, and she’ll be the first new champion to come to Wild Rift.

Yone is Yasuo’s brother; Yasuo killed him over a tragic misunderstanding. Yone later came back from the dead, which is awkward. He now walks between the lands of the living and the dead in Ionia, and he’ll be joining Wild Rift after Gwen. Warwick, the fearsome werewolf jungler from Zaun, is the third new addition to the game, and he’ll be followed by Vex. Vex is a Yordle from the Shadow Isles, and she played a part in the Sentinels of Light event as an antagonist to Gwen — but she later abandoned Viego to do her own thing.

Riot is also introducing new meta game changes to help supports, including some rune changes and two new support starting items. These two new powerful items, Riftmaker and Cosmic Drive, are focused on giving AP champions more choices for the end game. Players can also try out an experimental 1v1 game mode on the Howling Abyss, changes to ranked queues, and a new Wild Pass that allows players to pick their rewards rather than collect them along a linear track.

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