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Legends of Runeterra’s roadmap shows oodles more Darkin, 2023 content

Prepare for the rest of the Darkin Saga

Legends of Runeterra - Xolaani, a Darkin, stands in the body of her new host, a young student of Master Yi. Xolaani’s blades hang from her hands. She has corrupted her host’s human form, looking armored by scales and spikes. She has a multitude of eyes and horns ruining the illusion of normality. Image: Riot Games

Riot’s card game Legends of Runeterra has been experimenting lately with a multi-chapter story and the game’s first exclusive champion. Both arrived in the most recent release, The Darkin Saga: Awakening, which uses its new cards to tell a story about a stirring civil war between members of the corrupted Darkin.

On Thursday, Riot posted a roadmap on Twitter that shows what comes after Awakening, and it looks like fans can expect two more chapters all about the Darkin, as well as some other intriguing additions.

October brings The Darkin Saga: Domination, which will add three new champions to the game, as well as new PvE content and an Arclight Event. There are two Darkin with Arclight skins in League of Legends, so it looks like either Varus or Aatrox could arrive as champions in this chapter of the saga.

November will be focused on the game’s world championship esports tournament, and so players can expect balance patches in anticipation of the regional qualifiers and final tournament.

In December, the Darkin Saga will conclude with a finale that will include three new champions, and the Corrupted Event from Awakening will continue. In the first part of the Corrupted event, we saw some of Mount Targon’s most powerful aspects fall to the duplicitous Darkin Xolaani; that story will likely conclude here.

In today’s roadmap, Riot also provided a small preview of things to come in 2023, including more exclusive champions like the brand new Norra, more expansions, and more ways to play, including set rotations for more varied metagames.

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