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Steam Deck repair centers are now online

The repair service will cover both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, albeit for a fee

Two sets of hands hold Steam Deck units. They’re playing Stardew Valley co-op. Image: Valve
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The Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld PC, has moved from strength to strength since its launch this February. Following the news that the company is working on future iterations of the console, Valve announced in a blog post last Friday that dedicated repair centers for the console were now officially open.

While the Steam Deck is user-repairable, with a boatload of replacement parts sold by iFixit, the option of having Valve take the console off your hands for repairs is a welcome one all the same. Steam Deck users will be able to send their console to one of Valve’s repair centers, where dedicated teams will work to diagnose and repair the unit if possible.

Repairs for issues covered by the Steam Deck’s warranty, such as if a Steam Deck were to develop an intermittent button input issue, are free of charge. If the Steam Deck were to experience an issue not covered under warranty, such as if one or more of the console’s thumbsticks were to be damaged by a dog, a repair team would contact the user and offer to repair the device for a fee. Users can also ask for their Steam Deck back if they would prefer to attempt to repair the issue themselves.

The Steam Deck repair service can be accessed by reaching out through the console’s support page and filing a repair request.

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