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New Fire Emblem game lets you summon old heroes in battle

Fire Emblem... Engage!

A new mainline Fire Emblem game was announced at today’s Nintendo Direct. Titled Fire Emblem Engage, it will be a brand-new story and is currently set for a Jan. 20, 2023 release. In addition to the standard version, an edition with collectable items will also be available.

The brief preview showed the protagonist summoning previous Fire Emblem characters — such as the legendary Marth — to aid in battle. The main character, who sports strange blue and red hair, wakes up after a thousand years with amnesia. Apparently, though, they are a divine dragon, and they need to team up with allies to destroy a big bad dragon that threatens the realm.

The last totally new Fire Emblem game was Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which came out in 2019. That game offered four different storyline paths and introduced a host of intriguing (and romanceable) characters. Earlier this year, a spinoff musou game called Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes came out for Nintendo Switch.

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