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Splatoon 3 is getting its first post-launch Splatfest

What would you bring to a dessert island?

Deep Cut, the new hosts of Splatoon 3, announced the first post-launch Splatfest for Splatoon 3 at the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday. The announcement also confirmed that the game will be getting more free updates in the future.

Splatfest is a regular digital competitive event that takes place in the Splatoon games. In it, players pick teams based on a theme and duke it out against each other in the paint-fueled shooter. The theme for the first event is: What would you bring to a desert island? Fans have the option of picking between three teams: Gear, Grub, Fun. The event will start on Sept. 23 and will run until Sept. 25.

The developers also confirmed that there are more free planned updates for Splatoon 3. In the trailer, we saw an Octoling wearing what appeared to be a wrestling helmet with a hip knit sweater.

This is the first Splatfest post-launch for Splatoon 3, but it is not the first event for the recently launched title. Nintendo released a pre-release demo of the game that allowed players to get a taste of the new Splatfest format in August.

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