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Sea of Thieves’ newest adventure pits pirates against deep sea sirens

Join the Ancients and plunder siren shrines

Sea of Thieves - the Ancients, a people who wear elaborate masks and sparse clothing, battle a coral beast in an underwater coral shrine Image: Rare / Microsoft
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Sea of Thieves players can embark on another limited time Adventure starting on Thursday. Adventures are a kind of cinematic quest that are active for a limited amount of time; players can undergo big quests outside the standard sailing fare, like storming forts to save our friends at Golden Sands Outpost, or enacting a ritual to summon the mysterious Shrouded Ghost.

The newest Adventure pits pirates against sirens, denizens of the deep sea Sunken Kingdom. Sirens and their lairs were introduced in past updates, and we found out more about their relationship to mermaids, pirates, and the Sea of Thieves at large during Tall Tales and the Pirate’s Life quest chain that crossed over with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Players can start the Adventure by speaking to Larissa outside any tavern at an Outpost; she’ll direct pirates to Belle, a long-time ally with a history in the Sea of the Damned. It looks like this quest takes us to the Ancients, a mysterious people namedropped and hinted at throughout the story who have (so far) remained elusive.

Sea of Thieves’ time limited Adventures run alongside a seasonal model, where players can earn ranks in a Plunder Pass (or pay real world money for additional cosmetic rewards along the same track.) The game recently added the Captaincy update, which allows players to name and customize their ships across sessions.

The Sirens’ Prize will run until Sept. 29; once the Adventure ends, the content will no longer be accessible.

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