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Vampire Survivors is getting a release date and a price increase in September

The game’s update includes a new weapon and a new-ish character

Vampire Survivors guide: Combinations and evolution chart Image: Poncle

Vampire Survivors doesn’t quite have an official release date yet, but it does have a release date for a release date, and it’s getting plenty of new content to celebrate. The game’s 1.0 release date is set to be announced on Sept. 29, but players won’t have to wait that long for the bundle of content, which is part of a new patch releasing on Thursday.

The new Vampire Survivors patch, which is update 0.11.3 for the game, includes a super-rare new weapon called the Super Candybox II Turbo, the new Arcana power Blood Astronomia, and the new secret character “missingN,” who was previously only available by adjusting game files, but will now be unlockable in a slightly more conventional way. The patch also adds an achievement for reaching level 99 with Poe.

Vampires Survivors was first released in early access at the end of 2021 on Dec. 27. The game turned into an instant hit, climbing the Steam charts in the first half of the year while developer Poncle consistently updated the game with new content and abilities. Now for its full release, the game will turn over to patch 1.0, which Poncle hasn’t revealed any details about just yet. Poncle has also confirmed its previous announcement that the game’s price will “go up slightly” on Sept. 21 to get ready for the full release and to reflect all of the additions the team has made since the game’s initial early access release.

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