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At long last, the Hunter x Hunter manga returns in November

Screaming, crying, shaking, etc

kurapika wielding his chains and holding a gun Image: Yoshihiro Togashi/Shueisha

It’s official — the Hunter x Hunter manga is finally returning. The Shonen Jump twitter account posted the news that Volume 37 would come out on November 4 in Japan. There is no word on when the volume will come out stateside, but Polygon has reached out to Viz Media to confirm.

There hasn’t been an update to the Hunter x Hunter manga since 2018. Due to frequent and severe health issues, author Yoshihiro Togashio often has to take hiatuses from his work. But back in May, he created a Twitter account where he began posting updates on his work. Most of them were simple page numbers that did not reveal much about the upcoming volume, though he did tweet a few more finished drawings and sketches.

The manga started in 1998, and had two anime series based on it. Hunter x Hunter takes place in a world where licensed professionals called Hunters embark on fantastical adventures, such as subduing dangerous monsters, tracking down criminals, or hunting treasure. A young and incredibly talented boy named Gon takes the Hunter Exam in order to find his distant father, a legendary Hunter who left him as a child. Along the way, Gon meets Killua, the runaway heir of a notorious assassin family; Kurapika, the sole survivor of a brutal genocide who seeks vengeance; and Leorio, who wants to be a doctor.

The current manga volumes have pivoted to Kurapika’s quest for revenge. As a current member of the Zodiacs — basically the governing body of the Hunter Association — Kurapika joined a dangerous expedition to an unknown continent. He serves as the bodyguard to a baby princess and has been navigating a cutthroat royal family’s brutal war for succession. Leorio is also there, but he’s working on the Med Bay and we unfortunately don’t see much of him.

While waiting on the highly anticipated update, check out the 2011 series — which runs the majority of the manga, save for the current arc — on Crunchyroll.

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