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What is Polygon wearing in Splatoon 3?

Splatsville is our runway and we’re meant to shine

One inkling and two octolings stand in front of a lobby. The two octolings are in Splatfest Tees while the inkling is wearing bear ears and a white puffer jacket Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Splatoon is always all about fashion, and Splatoon 3 is no exception. Whether you’re wearing your gear for style or for stats, everyone’s Inklings and Octolings look different, as there are many options and styles to pick from.

Obviously, we had to rope together Polygon’s Splatoon 3 players to see what they were wearing. I just had to know. It’s important! (You guys should also send me pics of your Octolings and Inklings in the comments because I love seeing cool outfits. Thanks.)

Julia Lee’s Inkling

A teal inkling standing in front of some shops in the city area of Splatoon 3. The inkling is wearing pilot-style googles, a white shirt with an extremely cropped black hoodie over it (resembling an orca), and chunky red-and-black hi-top sneakers.
Julia can be seen wearing the Pilot Goggles, Orca Bolero, and Tenya OctoReds, while dishing out ink with an Aerospray MG.
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Honestly, it’s so hard to choose between the fuzzy wuzzy widdle bear ears and these goggles, but I ultimately do like the goggles better. I originally thought the Orca Bolero was just a jacket with an orca-like print on it, but the second I realized it was actually a hyper-cropped hoodie, that changed everything.

My gear is absolutely far from perfect ability-wise, but I’m working on it, don’t worry.

I’m also a Aerospray user to a point where I don’t think I really know how to use other weapons. I’d love to learn how to be a cool Splatana user one day, but... —Julia Lee

Ana Diaz’s Octoling

A purple-haired Octoling stands in the Splatsville city area of Splatoon 3. The Octoling is wearing a colorful sweater, stylish sunglasses, and green hi-tops.
Ana shows off her fit of the Annaki Charms, Apex Sweater, and Hunter Hi-Tops
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

I fell in love with these hip narrow sunglasses the moment I tried them on. They work with a whole lot of different styles, which is why they’re already a go-to for my virtual look. At first, I paired them with a techwear jacket, but then I ended up going for a more laid-back look. I’d like to think that Neo from The Matrix would wear them, and they just look sleek with my Octoling’s hair up.

The focal point of the outfit is this monstrous knit crew-neck that looks like it’s straight out of a thrift store. I think the more subtle pairing of the high-tops and sunglasses fits the overly colorful and bulky top. Another plus is the colorful sweater looks great no matter what color my Octoling’s hair is.

Honestly I’m shocked to say this, because I tend to go for standard guns like the Splattershot Jr., but I’ve been using the new Tri-Stringer weapon. I love it because it feels like a solid support weapon that’s not a full-on sniper. It’s a dream to play in the Tower Control mode, and allows me to exert a surprising amount of pressure from afar. Also, the Killer Wail 5.1 special weapon is a great counter for when the opposing team tries to push. —Ana Diaz

Kallie Plagge’s Octoling

An octoling in Splatoon 3 wearing a black hat with ear flaps, an ’80s-style nylon jacket colorblocked in black, aqua, and purple, and black-and-white houndstooth slip-on shoes.
Kallie’s Octoling can be spotted in the Ink-Black Flap Cap, Takoroka Nylon Vintage jacket, and Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

So, first of all, I’ve been struggling with headgear, but I ultimately went with this safari-flaps hat because I like I Think You Should Leave. Meanwhile, the vintage ski jacket is my pride and joy — I got it via SplatNet on the Nintendo Switch Online app, and it came with the Ninja Squid ability, which hides my Octoling when swimming. Plus, big shirt/tiny shorts is my absolute favorite look (in real life and in Splatoon). I actually need to reroll the secondary abilities on both the hat and the jacket, but I can’t afford it, because I spend all my money on locker decor.

I went with Vans-style slip-ons because I’m an emo kid at heart. I also got incredibly lucky with the secondary abilities on these — they give me increased swim speed and run speed, plus a resistance to enemy sub weapons and quick respawn. Honorable mention to the Cyan Dadfoot Sandals, which match my jacket and vibe but only have two ability slots (and, again, I can’t afford to upgrade them because… Hotlantis).

I’m currently using the Splattershot Pro, which comes with the Crab Tank, because I’m a classical shooter player and I like to brute-force my way through every situation. The only thing I don’t like about this kit is the sub weapon, the Angle Shooter, which marks opponents and does very little damage. I’d prefer literally any kind of grenade! —Kallie Plagge

Pat Gill’s Octoling

An indigo-haired octoling welds dualies in a brown plaid shirt with glasses and pink boots
Pat’s Octoling is decked out in Full-Moon Glasses, the Lumberjack Shirt, and Punk Pinks.
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Love traveling to Nintendo’s fantastical worlds to dress exactly like I do IRL. —Patrick Gill

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