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Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive is getting a tabletop RPG

The game is set to arrive in 2024

Shallan from the Stormlight Archives sits on a cliff with a book in her hand Image: Shallan by Michael Whalen
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Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives series of novels is getting an official tabletop game, the author announced on Tuesday on YouTube. While the details on the game are scarce at the moment, he revealed that it’s currently aimed at a 2024 release window and that Sanderson and the team behind it are currently referring to it as “Stormlight Role-Playing Game.”

Sanderson discussed the game on his YouTube show with the project’s art director, Isaac Stewart, as well as Brotherwise Games’ Johnny O’Neal. Brotherwise Games previously worked in the Stormlight Archives universe on a couple of different projects, including the card game Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archives. The company has multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns behind it, including its current project — a series of miniatures based on Sanderson characters that has pulled in more than $2.2 million from backers in a little more than a week. The campaign runs through through Oct. 13, with delivery expected by July 2023.

Sanderson did not detail what mechanics or ruleset the new RPG would use, but there’s precedent for this kind of work. Sanderson’s novels were previously adapted to tabletop with Mistborn Adventure Game, published by Crafty Games. While Stormlight Archives and Mistborn both take place inside of Sanderson’s massive Cosmere universe, Sanderson chose not to return to Crafty for this new game.

The Stormlight Archives are a book series by Sanderson that is set inside the Cosmere universe, where many of his other books and series are set as well. The series started in 2010 with The Way of Kings and has had three entries since then with the latest, Rhythm of War, arriving in 2020. Sanderson plans to include 10 novels in the series as a whole. Sanderson also launched a crowdfunding project earlier this year where he raised $15 million for four mystery novels to be revealed later.

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