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Lil Nas X’s new League of Legends anthem Star Walkin’ comes with a mecha music video

The single celebrates Riot’s Worlds 2022

On Thursday, Riot revealed the new Worlds anthem, Star Walkin’ by Lil Nas X, along with an animated music video. Every year, the top League of Legends teams from around the globe meet in a massive World Championship, where one team is crowned the best of the best. Worlds is a huge tournament with lots of hype and ceremony around the proceedings, and this year is no exception.

The video shows some of League of Legends’ pro players hanging out around San Francisco, the host city for this year’s Worlds finals. As the players assemble, the city begins to change to reflect iconic locations from League’s lore, like a signpost to the Shadow Isles. A handful of champions — Azir, Thresh, Twisted Fate, and Rell — show up on the scene as well as giant mechs piloted by the players.

Lil Nas X is currently serving as the president of Riot in a collaboration that will last throughout Worlds. Not only is the star behind this year’s anthem, but he’ll also be designing a skin for the upcoming champion K’Sante. For those who love Lil Nas X but don’t know much about League, the artist will be releasing a music video of his own for the track.

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