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Ark: Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven are free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time

Get ‘em while they’re free!

Ark: Survival Evolved - pterosaurs Studio Wildcard

Epic announced on Twitter on Thursday that Ark: Survival Evolved, the 2017 action-adventure survival videogame, and Gloomhaven, the 2021 turn-based cooperative dungeon crawler, are available to download for free for a week.

Studio Wildcard’s dino-centric survival game has done quite well for itself, releasing four paid DLC expansion packs and several other free expansions, not to mention a battle royale spin-off, since it first launched on early access back in 2015. There’s even a sequel coming out next year, this time with a single-player campaign and an accompanying animated series starring Vin Diesel!

Flaming Fowl Studios’ videogame adaptation of the cooperative Gloomhaven board game, meanwhile, has seen critical success, earning favorable reviews following its early access launch, with Polygon’s own review complimenting its “clear and streamlined user interface” and dense gameplay.

Picking up either game, let alone for free, sounds like a no-brainer. The offer expires on Sept. 29, though, so be quick about it and clear up some space on your hard drive.

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