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Genshin Impact’s new update is a game changer for teapot decorators

No more using glitches to pull off your designs

An image of Kazuha and Tubby, the teapot spirit in Genshin Impact. They both stand in front of an ornately designed building. Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon
Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Genshin Impact is more than just an open-world exploration game. In addition to sweeping quests across its massive map, the game also lets you decorate buildings, plants, landmarks and more, in a separate realm called the Serenitea Pot (also known as the Realm Within). It’s a detailed decorating simulator, and a change introduced in the 3.1 patch made it even better by allowing players to overlap decorations.

The seemingly small change makes a big impact for fans who are super into decorating since it allows for more flexibility. Before this patch, items could not be placed closed together, and instead required a varying amounts of space as a buffer. To get around this, fans had to exploit a shaking glitch where they would wiggle around decorations before placing. The glitch would allow players to place the items within the radius of other decorations. Now, that’s no longer an issue, and players can decorate to their heart’s content.

Genshin Impact has loads of different options for players — some people focus on exploration, others focus on building strong characters, and some focus almost exclusively on decorating their teapot. Known in the community as “teapot mains,” this group of players almost immediately picked up on the change. Now, it’ll be a lot easier for hardcore decorators and casual designers alike to design the Genshin Impact realm of their dreams.