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Illustrations: Christine Lee for Polygon

Clothing has always been a fundamental part of storytelling. You’d think the virtual realms of games like Animal Crossing and League of Legends would be the last place to find the likes of Louis Vuitton, Valentino, or Marc Jacobs ... yet there they are. From rebellious zombie-fighting bros in leather vests and combat boots to intricate bodysuits and dresses, the ways in which characters and customizable avatars are outfitted reflects their personality. Who needs to go to the mall to try on the latest styles when you can try them on in your favorite game?

That’s why Polygon is bringing Video Game Fashion Week center stage. We’re here to dive into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Final Fantasy’s ’90s influences, Splatoon’s wild outfits, Link wearing pajamas in Link to the Past, Solid Snake’s tight pants, and more. Check back for new stories all week.