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Now watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in Italian, per favore

Mario deserves a film that honors his heritage

By now, you have likely seen and perhaps even developed an opinion on the voice of Mario as heard at the very end of The Super Mario Bros. Movie teaser trailer. Actor Chris Pratt’s take on the character was always going to be divisive — most folks who know Mario know what he sounds like, and it’s not Chris Pratt!

Presented with such circumstances, one is faced with a choice: We could be reasonable and open-minded, allowing for another take on Mario’s beautiful pipes to co-exist with Charles Martinet’s iconic video game performance or we can simply refuse to accept this and insist on something even more authentic than Martinet’s voice. Like actual Italian.

Thanks to the Universal Studios Italia YouTube channel, you can watch the (superior) trailer for Super Mario Bros. Il Film and marvel at its authenticity, how right and proper it is that Mario and Luigi are finally adopting their mother tongue on the big screen, taking their place as true Italian icons for a new generation. Let’s all vow to fly to Italy to see Il Film when it opens in 2023.

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