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Overwatch 2 bug is forcing some players into accidentally buying skins

Players are reporting the issue on Reddit

Ten members of the cast of Overwatch 2 square off in a dramatic battle sequence Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch 2’s release has hit another snag in its rocky launch. This time, players are reporting a bug that leads users to accidentally purchase items like skins with the in-game currency, which is non-refundable.

Reddit user Dracyoshi posted a lengthy description of the bug on the Overwatch subreddit. Basically, it appears that the game will continue to register keyboard commands while users are chatting. So people who are just chatting in the Hero Gallery with friends might enter key strokes that accidentally result in them buying a skin. Dracyoshi accidentally ended up buying a Plutonium skin for 300 Legacy Credits.

This error was more minor because it only involved 300 Legacy Credits, but replies on the thread mentioned more extreme examples. The top comment mentioned they accidentally unlocked Kiriko’s Legendary Skin for 1900 Credits. (Both posters mentioned Credits, which refer to the balance of what players carried over from the original Overwatch). As it works now, Overwatch Coins are the new currency and cost roughly $10 for 1,000 coins, so if we were to translate that cost, this user accidentally spent roughly $19 on the Kiriko skin they didn’t want.

Unfortunately, all these sales are permanent. When Dracyoshi filed a report with Blizzard support, a representative said that they weren’t able to offer refunds or compensation for unlocks made with the in-game currency. “All those unlocks are meant to be final,” support said. So for now, players are left to share their feedback via the game’s forums.

Polygon contacted a representative of Blizzard Entertainment for comment, and will update this article as we hear back.

Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, and there’s been no shortage of problems since the release. There have been issues with long queue times and server errors; players have reported being disconnected from games; and players’ progress and items have, in some cases, not carried over from the original game. In a separate issue, Blizzard had to backpedal a feature that would require people to register their account with a phone number. Blizzard Entertainment even took the game down for four hours Thursday night to roll out fixes to the game.

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