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MultiVersus’ new patch includes a Halloween event and an evil Gremlin

Stripe joins the fracas

MultiVersus - Stripe, the evil Gremlin from the classic movies, poses. He’s stylized to match the Multiversus style, posing menacingly and grinning with many teeth. Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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MultiVersus released a new patch on Wednesday that includes a new map, a new fighter, and some other fun additions. Stripe the Gremlin joins the battle. The character first appeared in the 1984 film Gremlins and reappeared in its 1990 sequel. Stripe is a chainsaw-wielding assassin with destructive potential, and he’s the second Gremlin on the roster after vanguard (and good Gremlin) Gizmo.

There’s also a new Halloween event that runs from Oct. 12 through Nov. 15. Players can earn candy by using a Halloween cosmetic or playing as Stripe. Players can exchange candy for gold or special skins, like a Mummy Reindog or Calico variant on Cake the cat. Players can pay to unlock some additional scary cosmetics, like Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Frankenstein Iron Giant, and Vampire Tom & Jerry.

MultiVersus has also introduced a new announcer. Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time is a new voice that can be unlocked from the store, which is a nice purchase if you want your fights to be punctuated with a beautiful dragon who speaks Korean.

The new patch also contains a host of bug fixes, which are detailed in full in the patch notes on the game’s official site. Game of Thrones’ Arya sees the most changes in this patch, including bug fixes to her knife dash and face steal abilities, and a stopgap measure to help ease frustration around her Up Special.

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