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Bayonetta 3 trailer promises a multiverse of Bayonetta madness and side-scrolling fun times

Hear Bayonetta’s new voice actor — Jen Hale — in action

Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch with black hair and a gold necklace, lowers her glasses and looks into the camera Image: PlatinumGames Inc./Nintendo
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The long-awaited Bayonetta 3 is only a few weeks away, with the game launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28. To celebrate the game’s upcoming launch, PlatinumGames Inc. launched a four minute trailer Thursday, and it’s filled with action, bizarre transformations, and multiple Bayonettas.

The trailer — titled “Bayonettas Everywhere?!” — starts as more of a story trailer, with somber music and a dramatic setup where Bayonetta gets turned into a crystal in front of her new witch in training, Viola. But things quickly go off the rails with some classic Bayonetta gameplay — butterfly wings, gun shoes, it’s all here.

After more story-focused cutscenes, the player takes control of Viola and battles through a variety of environments and bosses before swapping back to the titular witch. Then things get a bit stranger, as a pink-haired Bayonetta transforms into a giant spider-demon. The trailer shows off gameplay for several other transformations in-combat, including a beefy-looking demon gorilla and a giant demon bird.

Jennifer Hale — Bayonetta’s new voice actor — does a lot of talking in the trailer, with some lines of dialogue seemingly coming from different Bayonettas (although it’s unclear just how many witches there are). The rest of the trailer is packed with more giant demons, frog bosses, and flashy combat moves — just what players have come to expect from the series.

But just in case this all seemed a little too familiar for Bayonetta, the trailer’s stinger shows off what appears to be an in-universe side scrolling game. You play as Jeanne in this section, and it features vent takedowns, swinging on poles, and, of course, a boss fight with another giant demon.

This trailer is packed with Bayonetta 3 knowledge and teasers, and is impossible to describe in its entirety. We encourage you to check it out for yourself before the game launches in just a few weeks.

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