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League of Legends’ newest Champion is K’Sante, a proud hunter from Nazumah

League’s new champion is all about protecting his people

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The League of Legends World Championship is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean the game itself is slowing down any. On Thursday, Riot debuted League’s latest Champion, K’Sante, The Pride of Nazumah in a brief teaser trailer.

The trailer doesn’t give anything away about K’Sante’s gameplay, but it does reveal that he’s from the in-game region of Nazumah, and that he seems to lead the regions people, or at least be tasked with keeping them safe. We also know that Nazumah is intended to be a kingdom apart from the Ascended, but that still doesn’t reveal much about how K’Sante might actually play.

Because this new teaser, called The Hunter’s Pride, doesn’t get into the details of K’Sante’s abilities, it seems we’re likely to get a larger reveal about his kit sometime in the next week or so. The trailer also doesn’t reveal when K’Sante might be released onto live servers, but it seems safe to assume he’s at least a couple of weeks away, based on Riot’s usual schedule.

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