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Discord’s Nitro Basic launches everywhere, along with in-app games

Play poker or queue up YouTube vids with friends

Discord - Users in voice chat host an Activity, which launches a lobby for drawing game Sketch Heads directly in the chat client for all voice chat participants to play. Image: Discord
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Discord on Monday announced a suite of new features, which will let users of the social media app host activities like watching a YouTube stream together, or host a social game like poker in the client itself. There’s also an app directory coming to the client to make installing useful applications to your server easier, a new lower Nitro tier, and a few other interesting additions.

Users in voice chat can queue up an Activity by clicking the rocketship icon at the bottom of the lobby. Some of the games available for activities include standards like chess and poker, but there are also a few original games, such as the charades title Sketch Heads. Discord plans to partner with other developers for future Activity releases, with more details to come.

Discord also noted that installing apps into its client might be a little opaque for many users. For that reason, Discord will launch an in-app director that allows users to install these tools, such as tabletop games, music or other media players, or creating AI images. Discord will also roll out resources for developers, like premium app subscriptions and a Discord ecosystem fund.

Nitro Basic, a premium subscription tier that so far has been tested only in the United Kingdom, is scheduled to go global on Oct. 20. Nitro Basic is $2.99 a month, but includes possibly the most important Nitro feature: the ability to use one server’s emojis anywhere else on Discord. Nitro Basic users also get a profile badge and support for file uploads up to 50MB.

Activities start rolling out on Monday, Discord said with all users getting access to Watch Together and Putt Party. Nitro subscribers will get access to a full suite of games like poker, chess, and word games. The app directory will begin to open to users on Tuesday, with a exclusive group of developers getting access to Discord’s new monetization options.