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Destiny 2’s Halloween event is here, and so is new Gundam-style armor

Come for the candy, stay for the outfits

Joshua Rivera (he/him) is an entertainment and culture journalist specializing in film, TV, and video game criticism, the latest stop in a decade-plus career as a critic.

As someone who lacks the technical skill and wherewithal to make a Gundam-style Super Sentai suit for myself, I will happily settle for a video game that let’s me give my characters one. Imagine my luck: Destiny 2’s made-up version of Halloween is back for the month, and it’s bringing some off-brand Gundam cosplay with it.

This year, The Festival of the Lost isn’t just Destiny 2’s goofy annual Halloween celebration, but the debut of three new armor sets that won a fan competition last spring. Hence, the Gundam-style armor, which is pretty fly and the centerpiece of the Festival launch trailer.

Unfortunately, the armor is not a giveaway, but available for purchase via the in-game Eververse store. They can be purchased for 1,500 Silver (Destiny 2’s premium currency purchased with real money — about $15 worth) or 6,000 Bright Dust, a sizable amount of the game’s free in-game currency. So unless you’ve been carefully saving up your Dust, you’re going to have to drop some coin for these looks.

Otherwise, the Festival is essentially unchanged from last year’s — players will don goofy makeshift masks while completing “haunted sectors” that add ghosts and ghouls to a number of the game’s existing Lost Sector mini-dungeons. Wearing the mask nets you candy. Candy is then exchanged for in-game goodies.

Also like last year, a new weapon is being introduced during the festival: the Mechabre sniper rifle. Get it? Because mechs. And Halloween. Mechabre! Not a bad pun.

Like most seasonal events, players can kick off the festival by checking out their Event card in the in-game Quests tab, and redeem candy with Eva Levante in the Tower.

The Festival of the Lost runs from Oct. 18 to Nov. 8.

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