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Silent Hill is getting a new movie to reboot the franchise

Return to Silent Hill even brings back the series’ best director

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Silent Hill’s movie franchise is getting a reboot. During Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission announcement stream, which revealed a new remake of the game Silent Hill 2, the company also announced that it’s bringing the franchise back to theaters with a totally reimagined film. Return to Silent Hill will be helmed by the director of the original 2006 Silent Hill movie.

Return to Silent Hill will follow a similar plot to the original Silent Hill 2 game, where a man makes his way to Silent Hill in search of the lost love of his life. Instead, he finds a total nightmare of monsters and horror, including the infamous Pyramid Head, one of the series’ most recognizable and famous characters.

According to Rui Naito, who introduced himself on the stream as Konami’s head of IP and cross-media development for Silent Hill, both the new game and the movie came as part of a pitch from Victor Hadida, one of the producers of the 2006 Silent Hill movie. Hadida suggested he and director Christophe Gans should return to their collaboration, which made the first movie a box-office hit. The pitch prompted Konami to jump into a Silent Hill 2 remake to go along with the new theatrical movie.

This will be Gans’ second time working in the Silent Hill universe after helming the franchise’s underrated, great first film adaptation. After Gans’ entry, the series moved on to 2012’s Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, directed by M.J. Bassett (Ash vs. the Evil Dead), which was poorly received and brought the series to a cinematic stop.

Along with the new film and the remake, Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission livestream also announced new games called Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Townfall.

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