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Donald’s throwing shorter tantrums in Disney Dreamlight Valley update

Plus, Mickey’s got extra crackers and we can finally pet our companion animals

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access game, and that means that developer Gameloft is still working out a bunch of details. But the studio’s got a sense of humor about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s bugs — and that makes reading the patch notes, at times, similarly delightful to playing the game.

Gameloft’s Oct. 19 patch notes, which also detail the coming of The Lion King’s Scar, are a perfect demonstration of this. It’s a similar effect as reading The Sims’ patch notes, like the “toddlers can no longer get fleas” sort of thing. It’s just all based around beloved Disney characters, which adds another element of goofiness. For instance, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Donald Duck is known for throwing a very lengthy tantrum — it’s so long that it feels like he’s never not having a tantrum. But now that’s changed: “Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, reducing how long his tantrums last,” Gameloft wrote.

Another notorious bug is how characters would comment on the wrong time of day; for me, characters thought it was morning and commented on it regardless of the time. Gameloft’s fixed that, and everyone should appropriately respond to time of day and weather. Everyone except Goofy, of course — “Goofy, however will continue to misjudge the weather,” Gameloft wrote.

It feels like Gameloft is prioritizing transparency (and humor!) with its community, through both these patch notes and its bug-tracking Trello board. There are so many tiny things that have been adjusted to make the game smoother to play, like resource spawn rates and making it so the water-based characters are easier to talk to (it used to often feel like they’ were just too far out to reach, and now that’s changed). And then there’s the silly stuff, like Gameloft fixing an issue with Mickey’s creepy eyes and a bug that shrunk players’ legs in certain clothes.

You can read the full patch notes on the Disney Dreamlight Valley site.