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The Dragon Prince’s new season 4 clip is a big ol’ lore dump about the mysteries of Aaravos

Want to know the Mystery of Aaravos? Well, here’s part of it

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

After three years, The Dragon Prince is coming back to Netflix. The new season is subtitled “The Mystery of Aaravos,” and in case you don’t remember, Aaravos is the starry elf who spoke to the show’s villain, Viren, via a magical mirror and a tiny creepy worm thing. The next three seasons of the show will dive deeper into his past and what he wants... and that means some long-awaited exposition!

In this new clip, the Dragon Queen explains to young King Ezran just what Aaravos’ whole deal is — turns out, he was the mastermind behind not only the disappearance of a powerful elf queen, but also a ton of other events throughout the realm’s history. What exactly he wants, we still don’t know.

The new season of The Dragon Prince will take place two years after the end of the third season. Ezran has stepped up as king, while his step-brother Callum is now High Mage. Meanwhile, dark mage Claudia has resurrected her father Viren — and has thirty days to make it permanent.

The Dragon Prince season 4 hits Netflix on Nov. 3.

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