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Genshin Impact’s Scaramouche redesign has fans hyped to meet the Wanderer

Fans have been waiting years for his release

Two different versions of character art for Scaramouche sitting side by side. On the left we see him with his red hat and black, red, and purple combo. It’s a closeup of his face. On the right we see Scaramouche from Genshin Impact’s new design: A blue and purple color pallet with wide-brimmed hat ornamented in gold. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Hoyoverse

A giant group of Genshin Impact fans are likely jumping up and down right now.

That’s because developer Hoyoverse released the official character art for “The Wanderer,” otherwise known as Scaramouche, on Monday. The purple-haired boy has become what might be the game’s most anticipated character yet. Fans have waited for months and years in hope that he would become a confirmed playable character. Now, players are celebrating online with jokes, fan art, and theories. At time of publication the term “Scaramouche” started trending on Twitter with over 175,000 tweets.

The playable version of Scaramouche will come to Genshin Impact with a fresh design and elemental power. Prior to this, he appeared in the game as an NPC: a ruthless super-villain with an edgy design. Now, he looks friendlier and softer; his new design embraces a brighter blue color scheme and he flashes a mischievous smile. Hoyoverse refers to him as “The Wanderer” and confirms he will wield the wind element Anemo (not Electro, as previously thought).

Scaramouche was announced alongside another new Anemo character named Faruzan. Hoyoverse did not announce a release date for either character.

The redesign and character information confirms rumors from months ago that claimed he would be getting a new outfit and Elemental power. At the time, some fans voiced disappointment over the information, but now it seems like people can’t contain their excitement. Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit are flooded with fan art celebrating the announcement.

A lot of players are making jokes about all the Primogems they have saved for Scaramouche. In Genshin Impact, a Primogem is a virtual item used to roll for a chance to unlock a character.

Other fans are making fun of Scaramouche’s associate, Signora, who hasn’t gotten a playable version.

However, many are just posting fan art in appreciation of the character.

Building hype around a character release isn’t new or special in Genshin Impact, but even when compared to previous character reveals, the excitement around Scaramouche has reached obscene levels. Part of that is due to his complicated backstory and intricate character lore. However, a large part of the excitement around his release comes from the fact that fans weren’t sure he would actually come to the game as a playable character.

Prior to our time in Sumeru, we didn’t see Scaramouche for several patches, and he wasn’t released throughout the updates in Inazuma. Hoyoverse rekindled fans’ hopes when he became a part of the mainline story in the current Sumeru region, but even then, his future in the game wasn’t guaranteed. When we encounter him in the upcoming patch, the Traveler will fight him as a boss, so fans worried he would die. But now fans can look forward to playing as him.

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