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There is a secret version of the Halo show that is full of puppets

Take a look at the incredible craft used to bring the Covenant to life

An imposing close up of an Elite with its mandibles open in the Halo TV show. Image: Paramount Plus

It may feel like forever ago, but it’s worth remembering: 2022 was the year Halo became real. Master Chief was a real guy. He had sex. He escaped the confines of video game lore. All thanks to Halo, the Paramount Plus series that was not what we expected, but often better than we feared.

One thing we particularly loved: The show’s depiction of the alien Covenant races. In fact, Halo arguably didn’t feature enough of them — they were weird, they set the show apart, and if you take the time to look at how they were made, Halo’s crew really put in some impressive work to bring them to life, as behind-the-scenes footage reveals.

Seriously, the alien puppets used in production are cool as hell, and to my untrained eye look good enough to use without the computer animation that gets added later. Check out how they look in this exclusive clip courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment.

You can see this footage and more on the home video release of Halo: season 1, available on Nov. 15.

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