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Please stop playing Destiny 2’s PS4 version on PS5, Bungie says

Studio notices that some Guardians haven’t upgraded along with their new consoles

A Destiny 2 hero readies a spear glowing with electricity in a defensive posture as an enormous enemy approaches in the distance Image: Bungie
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Playing Destiny 2 on your PlayStation 5? You might actually be playing the PlayStation 4 version. Bungie cheerfully reminded Guardians on Thursday to check the version they have installed.

“We’ve noticed a notable number of PS5 players playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2 on their current-generation consoles,” Bungie wrote. [Is the number itself notable, or is the number notable because it was noticed? —Ed.] The developers reminded players that “for the optimal experience for PlayStation goodness,” a free, upgraded version for PS5 is available — and has been since late 2020.

However, at the time we pointed out that “the PS5’s clunky interface [makes it] more complicated and annoying to download the upgrade on Sony’s new console.” Perhaps that accounts for why Bungie notably noticed a noteworthy number of people still logging into the PS4 game on PS5.

Here is Sony’s official support page for upgrading eligible games from PS4 to PS5. But our tl;dr is:

  1. Find the Destiny 2 tile in your PS5’s Game Library.
  2. Press Options.
  3. Select “View Game.”
  4. When you are taken to Destiny 2’s page on the PlayStation Store, click the three dot menu item.
  5. That brings up another menu item (it says either PS5 | Full | Destiny 2 or PS4 and PS5 | Full | Destiny 2), which sends you to the PlayStation Store’s page for the upgrade. There’s a big download button there.

Destiny 2 players upgrading to the PS5 version should see a noticeable improvement in frame rate and resolution, as the game supports 4K and 60 frames per second. There are also improvements to loading times. Plus, you’re logging in with the same account, so everything carries over, and you can still partake in cross-play with your PS4 friends.

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