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Street Fighter 6 adds control scheme for button mashers

The fighter boasts three control schemes

Juri charges up with energy in a still from Street Fighter 6 Image: Capcom
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Street Fighter 6 looks like a bold addition to the classic franchise, and there’s one more addition Capcom has added to the formula that should make it more accessible as well. GameInformer was able to preview the title and confirmed that there are three control schemes: classic, modern, and dynamic.

Classic controls are what long-time fans will expect from the game, as they will have to perfect their timing and combos for best results. The modern control scheme streamlines this process down to a single button and a directional input — a perfect way for an inexperienced or hesitant player to jump right into the action.

The third control scheme, called dynamic controls, works in local mode only, and it essentially serves as a button-mash mode. A player can simply tap their controller inputs and they’ll still put up a competitive fight. “Button mashing” is a popular term in fighting games to describe the desperate, inexperienced flailing of someone who hasn’t figured out the controls but is doing their best to keep up. Dynamic controls are designed to work with button mashing — it’s an easy mode that opens the game up to even the most uncoordinated fighters.

Dynamic controls aren’t completely random. The game’s AI calculates the character’s position and situation, such as their distance from their opponent, and it dynamically decides what strategy to employ. There’s still some level of input from the player; they can manually move their fighter and parry, but the AI does most of the execution. With a franchise that’s lasted for 35 years, it’s great to see an option that makes picking Street Fighter 6 up easy for anybody. It’s a welcome addition from Capcom, and it’ll be interesting to see how many new players start with dynamic controls and work their way up to the classic combos when the game is released in 2023.