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One of Destiny 2’s best memes is literally taking over the game

Telesto “The Besto” is finally coming for us all

An image of Telesto, an Exotic Void fusion rifle in Destiny 2. The gun is white and black with purple and gold accents. Image: Bungie via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Telesto, one of Destiny 2’s oldest Exotics, is causing problems again, but this time it seems intentional.

What initially appeared to be an Easter egg or simple joke on Tuesday morning has turned into a full Twitter takeover for the gun. What exactly it’s leading to is unclear, but this is a meta-level joke the likes of which we’ve never seen from Bungie.

For those not in the know, Telesto has been a frequent problem for Bungie over the past few years. The weapon originated in the first Destiny, and came to Destiny 2 in its Curse of Osiris expansion. It’s an Exotic Void fusion rifle that, instead of shooting normal bolts after charging up, fires little proximity mines that stick to the ground and walls. For some reason, these mines have created more odd bugs than anything else in Destiny 2’s history, to the point where it’s become a running joke.

Whenever something appears broken in Destiny 2, people immediately joke that it’s Telesto’s fault. Those who’ve been around the Destiny block probably have a favorite Telesto bug that they remember fondly. For example, during the Forsaken era of Destiny 2, I fondly remember everyone shooting Telesto at their feet in the Blind Well activity. This, for some reason, progressed the activity’s progress bar extremely quickly, allowing you to skip all the enemies and get the rewards in just a minute or two. (A normal completion typically took well over 10 minutes). Why did it do that? Don’t look at me, man, that’s just Telesto.

So when Telesto started acting strangely on Tuesday, everyone briefly thought it was just par for the course.

First, instead of shooting its usual mines, Telesto started shooting rockets into the sky.

Then players discovered that the rocket thing was an alternate fire mode for the weapon, and that it appeared to belch black smoke when fired. This seemed a little too elaborate to just be a bug, even for Telesto.

And so YouTubers, streamers, and fans started to put their heads together to try and “solve” whatever was going on. This mostly just involved some players shooting into the sky and claiming the randomized bolts looked like constellations, which then led them to try and read horoscopes in an attempt to solve a puzzle that wasn’t there. (Look, we’re nearing the end of the season and everyone’s a little desperate for some in-game excitement).

On Wednesday, Bungie broadcast a message throughout the entire game that just said “Telesto” over and over again.

This led to a further evolution of the gun. Gone was the alternate fire mode, but the mines now explode and shoot out little purple missiles — a weapon re-work in real-time.

Finally, the official Destiny 2 Twitter account was “taken over” by Telesto on Wednesday.

The account began tweeting as Telesto both to its followers and in response to other brands like Xbox. The account even changed its profile picture and banner to be Telesto themed. Bungie simply said it was working on a fix for the new Telesto “bug.”

Now before you get too excited and start thinking the horoscope readers were on to something, Destiny 2’s Global Community Lead, Cozmo, has confirmed that it’s not some massive puzzle to solve. However, he did stick with the “we are working on a fix” line, so he could be joking.

All of this seems to be leading to an emblem called Schrodinger's Gun, which has been hidden in the game files for some time.

While this may not be an extremely exciting puzzle that leads to some new Exotic quest, it’s certainly a cute way to engage players that have been otherwise checked out for a few weeks.

All of this Telesto weirdness is still going on as of the time of this writing, and we’ll update this post if any major developments occur.

Update (Nov. 11): The Telesto shenanigans are mostly over in Destiny 2 (community manager dmg04 referred to it all as a “microevent”).

To celebrate Telesto and Bungie’s silly event, the studio revealed a special code that Guardians can input on to receive the special Schrodinger's Gun emblem. For those interested, the code is: 9LX-7YC-6TX.

Outside of the new explosive Telesto missiles — which seem to be a permanent new addition — and Xur selling Telesto this week, nothing has changed in-game. We’ll update this story again if anything else emerges, but it certainly seems that this event isn’t going to be the massive, community-wide puzzle some Guardians were hoping for.

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