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Final Fantasy 14’s big 6.3 patch adds new deep dungeon and main story this winter

‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’ is planned for early January 2023

A little pile of leaves that has a frowny face. We don’t know what it is but there is a fairy floating behind behind it. Is it a person who was turned into a leaf creature by Fae? Image: Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIV is getting even bigger. In a developers’ stream on Friday, Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of the hit massively multiplayer online role-playing game, laid out future plans for the game in the coming months. The new 6.3 patch, titled “Gods Revels, Lands Tremble,” is scheduled to arrive early January.

The new patch will introduce a grab bag of new content including new Main Scenario Quests and additional side quests, along with some quality-of-life improvements. Some new perks include the expansion of housing areas, new PVP map, a Gold Saucer update, and new Island Sanctuary content. You can rewatch the stream and get the full details on the game’s Twitch channel.

Patch 6.35 will come at a later date and will include more relic weapon steps, a new deep dungeon, and new tribe quests for the Lopporrits.

Friday’s stream was one of two streams that will cover the 6.3 patch. Developers will host another one closer to the launch of the patch that will show gameplay footage alongside a patch trailer. It is also likely additional information the planned job adjustments will come in the later stream as well.

Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The more recent 6.2 patch introduced a swatch of improvements including graphical updates as well as expanded support for solo play.

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