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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s big Toy Story update arrives in December

Two highly anticipated characters are almost in the game

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A screenshot from Disney Dreamlight Valley showing Woody and Buzzy with the player-character in a bedroom, Image: Gameloft
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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update is coming on Dec. 6 and will add a Toy Story realm and questline to the game, developer Gameloft announced Tuesday. It’s coming to all platforms — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X — on that day.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been eagerly awaiting the big update since Gameloft announced it in September. It’s coming after a smaller update that added The Lion King’s Scar in October. The Toy Story update will add a new realm, which looks to be Andy’s room, where players shrink down to toy size to help out Buzz Lightyear and Woody. These characters, like others that come from realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, will likely come to live in the town with their own questlines and interactions with other characters.

The Toy Story update will also bring with it a bunch of Toy Story-inspired cosmetic items, like the cute Woody outfit seen above. There will likely be different house and world decorations, too.

Scar added an element of chaos to Disney Dreamlight Valley when he was added to the game — he is a lion after all. Though there’s absolutely less of a danger with a few toys bounding about, it may make for some fun character actions — some of the best parts of the game.

As with any update, Gameloft will address a bunch of bug fixes with the Toy Story update. You can follow along on its progress with the bug-tracking Trello board, where the developer lists what it’s working on and what’s next — stuff like console crashes or item spawn rates. Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access game and there’s been plenty of problems to fix; the game had a particularly rough launch.

Gameloft is also running a bunch of sales for Disney Dreamlight Valley across all its platforms. Both its Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition are on sale on the Nintendo eShop, Epic Games Store, Steam, and Microsoft and PlayStation shops. Here’s the breakdown of the sales from Gameloft:

Nintendo US — Cyber Deal

Starts Nov. 21 and ends Dec. 4

  • Standard Edition - 15% off
  • Ultimate Edition - 25% off

Epic Games Store — Black Friday Sale

Begins Nov. 17 and ends Nov. 29

  • Standard Edition - 15% off
  • Ultimate Edition - 25% off

Steam — Autumn Sale

Begins Nov. 22 and ends Nov. 29

  • Standard Edition - 20% off
  • Ultimate Edition - 25% off

Microsoft (PC and Xbox) — Black Friday Sale

Begins Nov. 16 and ends Dec. 1

  • Standard Edition - 15% off
  • Ultimate Edition - 25% off

PlayStation — Black Friday Sale

Begins Nov. 18 and ends Nov. 28

  • Standard Edition - 20% off
  • Ultimate Edition - 25% off

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Standard Edition is typically $29.99, and the Ultimate Edition is $69.99. Ultimate Edition, also called the Founder’s Pack, adds on a bunch of cosmetic items, in-game currency, and exclusive outfits.