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Marvel Snap’s new card nerfs mean it’s time to rethink some decks

Some reliable, powerful cards just got a power hit

A photo of the Onslaught card in Marvel Snap on an iPhone Photo: Polygon

Marvel Snap’s latest update brings with it two new pools of cards, a new kind of earnable currency, and some fairly impactful changes to existing cards. All of those changes are nerfs, and they’re to popular cards like Angela, Mysterio, and Onslaught. They’ll probably impact at least one deck you rely on for Marvel Snap, so here’s what to know before you go into your next match.

Angela is having her power reduced from 1 to 0, seemingly because, well, she’s just too popular. “Angela is a card that sees a lot of prevalence across many decks,” Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner said in the game’s patch notes, “so we’re nerfing her a bit to make other options more appealing.”

Destroyer is also getting a power hit, dropping from 16 down slightly to 15. “Lowering his power by 1 will give opponents more of a chance to win the Location he’s played to,” the developer says. Mysterio, who deploys illusions to all locations, also gets a 1-power hit. “[T]hose extra 2/0 Illusions end up being quite beneficial, so we’re lowering his base Power,” the developer explains. Sera likewise gets a 1-power hit, merely for being “slightly too good right now.”

Finally, the all-powerful Onslaught, who can put big power numbers on the board thanks his ability to double other cards’ ongoing effects, gets a major adjustment. Onslaught’s ability now stacks additionally (instead of exponentially) with effects from cards like Mystique or locations like Onslaught’s Citadel. This should lead to fewer blowouts on locations as well as less time watching other abilities play out over and over (and over) again.

There’s a lot more — including a new Nick Fury card in the pool 3 collection — to digest in the game’s full patch notes.

Marvel Snap is available now on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

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