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Destiny 2’s new Season of the Seraph sends Guardians on a computer heist

Rasputin is back, baby

After weeks of anticipation, Bungie finally graced players with the trailer for the latest Destiny 2 season on Tuesday morning: Season of the Seraph. The season launches on Tuesday, and will run Dec. 6 through Feb. 28, 2023 and the release of the Lightfall expansion.

Season of the Seraph will see players ally themselves with the Bray family once again in order to aid the Warmind, a super-powered AI that shut off two years ago in Season of Arrivals. To help awaken the Warmind and transfer its conciseness into an Exo body (seems like a bad idea, but OK), Guardians will need to go “behind enemy lines” in the new Heist Battlegrounds activity.

This activity seems to have some mild stealth elements to it, as players will need to avoid turrets as they infiltrate some Hive facilities. However, the most interesting aspect of this activity seems to be that at least one of the scenarios takes place on Mars, in an area that was removed from the game with the Beyond Light expansion. At the time of this writing, it’s currently unclear if players will be able to roam freely around Mars again, or if the Braytech facilities will only be available in the matchmade missions.

Season of the Seraph also includes an Exotic Mission for the first time since The Witch Queen expansion. The mission is called “Seraph’s Shield” and will take players into space, ala the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Players can return each week for the next three weeks, and will finally unlock the Revision Zero Exotic weapon on Dec. 20, just in time for the holidays. Once players get the weapon, they’ll be able to find and activate multiple different Exotic Catalysts; typically, Exotics only have a single Catalyst, which usually adds a new perk.

This season also sees the return of The Dawning Christmas activity and the Moments of Triumph annual achievement hunt. Players will also be able to purchase some Assassin’s Creed crossover armor in the shop. Warlocks can dress as Ezio while Hunters can dress as Kassandra. Titans, of course, get the Eivor-inspired armor.

Finally, it’s worth noting that players will only have about 12 weeks to complete all that Season of the Seraph has to offer — and that includes unlocking all the elusive weapon patterns. Assuming this season will work like previous years, all of the seasonal content will go away once the Lightfall expansion launches on Feb. 28.

Season of the Seraph also launches alongside a new dungeon this Friday, but Bungie hasn’t revealed any details about the dungeon yet. It’s a separate purchase and won’t be sunset with the rest of the season.

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